With Nepal’s eminent Himalayas and ages-old temples, it’s no surprise that such a big amount of folks have this little Southland on their travel bucket list. Between its dozens of treks, Buddhist and Hindu nonsecular sites, and delicious food, travelers young and recent fall taken with the Kingdom of Nepal every year. That’s to not mention that supporting business in the Kingdom of Nepal is a lot of necessary than ever, as Nepalis attempt to get over the devastating earthquakes of spring 2015.

Before you jump on the primary plane you’ll be able to Kathmandu, though, it’s necessary to place confidence in what you’ll place in your backpack. I’ve lived in the Kingdom of Nepal for eight months currently, and that I undoubtedly would like I had packed a touch otherwise before moving here. to assist you out, here’s a listing of packing necessities for the Kingdom of Nepal, in addition to what you must get or rent there, what you must leave the reception, and answers to some FAQs concerning traveling during this wonderful country.


1) Passport:-

This could seem obvious, however, don’t lose your passport! This is often your price ticket in and out of the Kingdom of Nepal. Bring on some photocopies of your main passport page too, simply just in case.

2) Vade Mecum for the Kingdom of Nepal:-

Guide in Nepal’s vade mecum to Nepal provides a wonderful summary of various places to explore within the country, furthermore as essays on social and cultural norms, a couple of helpful Nepali phrases, and loads of monuments and eating place recommendations. A vademecum could be a very good way to find out additional concerning the country you’re visiting, and it will facilitate orient you once you’re feeling lost.

3) Camera and Charger:-

You will have detected a few very little previous ranges of mountains referred to as the chain of mountains. the likelihood is that that you’ll get some mountain views throughout your visit, and you’ll wish to own a camera at the able to check that you capture the scenery. returning in at simply over one pound, the Canon Greek deity Rebel Digital T5 could be a sensible possibility for starting photographers World Health Organization still wish quality photos. As an alternative, you’ll take some pretty nice photos with associate degree iPhone these days— use no matter what you’re snug with!

4) Telephone and Charger:-

Bring your telephone with you, particularly if you recognize that it’s unbolted (Verizon phones, as an example, are typically unlocked). SIM cards in Nepal value but $1.50, and information is additionally comparatively cheap. If you’re thinking that having the ability to form calls and have information is helpful, I undoubtedly advocate that you just purchase a SIM!

5) Travel Insurance:-

Travel insurance is very important for anyone going overseas, since several domestic insurers won’t cowl bound essentials— say, being exhausted by heavier-than-air craft at four,000 meters. rely on what variety of activities you’ll be partaking of, and confirm that no matter the policy you get can cowl you. World Nomads offers wonderful, affordable, and versatile travel insurance, thus check them out.

6) Bottle or Camelbak:-

My Camelbak water sack has are available handy numberless times throughout my travels in Nepal. It’s vital to hold potable water with you, and that I love that the Camelbak permits ME to drink water while not having to fuss with a bottle. That said, many of us like water bottles! In any case, confirm you bring one thing to hold a minimum of one liter of water around with you.

7) Water purification tablets or water filter:-

Nepal doesn’t have a potable drink (although it’s abundant worse in urban areas than up within the mountains), thus it’s vital that you just bring on a filter or purification pills. drinking water is additionally without delay out there, however, I might advocate avoiding making all that plastic waste!

8) Sandal:-

They may not be the foremost modern shoes, however sports sandals undoubtedly are available handy in the Kingdom of Nepal, significantly if you’re traveling throughout weather or the monsoon. You’ll be doing a great deal of walking, therefore you would like one thing comfortable; Kathmandu is additionally quite dust-covered, therefore one thing that may be cleansed simply is very important.

9) Good-quality walking shoes or hiking boots:

If you’re aiming to be trekking, you must bring a try of hiking boots with you to the Kingdom of Nepal. If you’re on a longer-term carry trip and don’t need to lug around a try of big boots, certify that you just a minimum of having a try of good-quality sneakers with you. It’s not an honest plan to stint on footwear whereas you’re trekking— that may mean blisters, or worse, a twisted articulatio planum.

10) Hiking Covering:

Whereas it’s potential to shop for low-cost hiking attire in Kathmandu, it’s an honest plan to bring on a minimum of one outfit that you just will wear whereas hiking. Vapor attire offers shirts with inbuilt emollient and wet sicking. certify that no matter covering you bring is comfy, loose (Nepalis dress fairly conservatively) and covers your shoulders and knees!

11) Non-Hiking Covering:

Once you’re back from your trek, you’re aiming to need to explore the sights and sounds of Pokhara, Kathmandu, or no matter the alternative place you’re visiting. Nepalis avoid dressing shabbily, and few wear an athletic covering on the road. you almost certainly won’t want something fancy, however, I’d advocate transferral one fairly modest and nice outfit that you just will wear out.

12) Rain jacket:-

Bring a windbreaker/rain jacket to stay you heat and dry, significantly if you’re hiking between might and Oct, once it rains additional systematically. This one from the North Face comes in lots of bright colors, therefore it’s easier to identify you once you’re trekking! (People in the Kingdom of Nepal conjointly tend to wear terribly bright colors, therefore you’ll work right in).

13) Credit and debit card:-

Whereas the Kingdom of Nepal may be a primarily cash-based society, ATM s square measure often offered in Katmandu, Pokhara, and different giant cities. Bring a credit or positive identification, therefore, you’ll withdraw money once you’re in urban centers; that means, you’ll be ready to pay in remote areas (which actually don’t settle for Visa, Master card, or the other form of plastic).

14) Belt:-

While petty felony isn’t rampant in the Kingdom of Nepal, it will happen. shield yourself and your belongings by carrying a belt, that you’ll use to hide money and necessary documents like your passport. This specific belt conjointly protects you from thieves United Nations agency would possibly attempt to scan your card electronically!

15) Solid shampoo and soap:-

Solid shampoo and soap square measure a good journey various to liquid washes, since you don’t get to pack a bottle and that they can’t spill.

16) Travel Towel:-

Does the United Nations agency desire to lug around a full-sized towel in their backpack? I actually don’t. A travel towel, that is way additional compact than an everyday towel, maybe a sensible choice for those making an attempt to reduce the dimensions of their backpack. This one, from Buena Marca, is almost full-sized and comes with its own carrying case.

17) Power Adapter:-

Asian country uses plugs from an Asian country, Europe, and also us, thus it’s an honest plan to bring a convertor in conjunction with you to form positive you’re ready to charge all of your devices with none bother.

18) Personal Medications:-

It ought to go while not oral communication that you just ought to bring any prescription medication you employ with you to the Asian country. whereas bound prescribed drugs square measure promptly on the market at the tiny pharmacies usually found in Kathmandu, others don’t seem to be.

19) Basic Outfit:-

Bring a travel attention kit with you just in case you get into a (literal) scrape. This explicit one from an aortic aneurysm is compact, light-weight, and contains everything you wish to treat common ailments. you’ll need to stay some painkillers, antibiotics, diarrhea pills, and hypoxia pills (all on the market at native pharmacies) in there also for once you go trekking.

20) Hiking Backpack:-

Though it’s potential to rent a backpack in Kathmandu or Pokhara if you’re coming up with on doing additional trekking or hiking, it should be price getting one. an honest backpack may be a worthy investment! I actually have a Pandion haliaetus backpack and that I love it— particularly their lifespan assurance on all of their products.

21) Contact Resolution:-

It’s potential to get low-cost Indian-brand contact resolution in Kathmandu, or perhaps to search out some Yankee brands, however, I might advocate skipping the chase and simply delivery your own good-quality stuff if you wear contacts. It will be quite dust-covered in Kathmandu, thus you’ll need to form positive that you’re cleansing your contacts often.

22) Sun Blocker:-

It’s seemingly that you’ll be defrayment plenty of your time outdoors throughout your keep in the Asian country, and it’s vital to form positive that your skin doesn’t get burned. I prefer Neutrogena’s sun blocker as a result of it’s creamy while not being greasy, and at eighty-five SPF provides pretty sturdy protection. it’s potential to shop for sun blocker in the Asian country, however, you will not be able to realize higher-quality brands.

23) Bug Spray:-

If you’re traveling to an Asian country in hotter weather or set up on about to the Tarai region at any purpose within the year, bring some bug repellent. individuals have totally different opinions on victimization DEET on your skin, however, I try and avoid it if possible!

24) Power Bank:-

Till recently, power outages (referred to in Asian countries as ‘load shedding’) were quite common, significantly in the capital of Nepal. As of writing in mid-2017, power outages square measure sporadic, however, it’s still a decent plan to stay your devices charged and to hold around an influence bank simply just in case.


Sleep mask



Travel-sized umbrella

Flash drive

Kindle or paperback novel


Small lock

Toiletry bag


Sewing kit

Travel pillow

Travel sheet/sleeping bag liner

Photos from home

Feminine products

Laundry detergent


What to buy or rent in Nepal

Planning on trekking? There are certain items that are much easier to buy or rent in Thamel once you’ve arrived rather than schlep all the way from your place of origin.

1) Sleeping bag

2) Down parka

3) Wool sweater

4) Wool hat

5) Scarves

6) Hiking sticks

7) Books

8) Most other hiking gear is cheaply and readily available for purchase!


Nepal usually has terribly consistent weather. Monsoon begins in late could or early Gregorian calendar month and goes through till late Gregorian calendar month or early October; the coldest temperatures are usually in time period through mid-February, and also the hottest ones in could. However, temperatures will vary greatly reckoning on wherever and once you’re traveling, therefore it’s best to examine previous time! If you’re about to be within the mountains at the next elevation, you’ll wish to pack heat layers in spite of what time of year. If you’re traveling within the Tarai (plains) region of the southern Kingdom of Nepal, it’ll be fairly heated year-round. As a general rule, though, it’s smart to decorate in layers and to hold a shawl (for additional heat and/or to guard your face from town dust!)

In terms of the fashion of dress, accountable travelers can note that the Kingdom of Nepal could be a culturally conservative country. Even in comparatively cosmopolitan Katmandu, men and girls cowl their shoulders and knees. Avoid tight, revealing vesture. For women, the color red is kind of popular— wear it if you wish to mix in an exceedingly very little more!

Open-toed shoes that dry quickly are suggested for the monsoon. If you’re trekking, you’ll wish to bring smart quality hiking shoes. low-cost shoes are straightforward to get in Katmandu and alternative larger cities and cities, however the large-footed among the United States of America ought to recognize that it will be quite laborious to search out properly sized footwear.

What NOT to take to Nepal

1) Expensive, unnecessary electronics:

Unless you completely ought to travel along with your $1000 portable computer, your $200 headphones, and or your $800 iPad, leave them at home. The danger of losing this stuff or having them taken possibly way outweighs any profit, you will get from traveling with them. Think about shopping for an inexpensive pill if you actually should travel with an additional screen beside your phone.

2) Expensive Jewelry:

Again, the chance of getting valuable jewelry taken so much most likely outweighs the pleasure of sporting it whereas traveling. If you’re missing your jewels, scrutinize Kathmandu’s shops; there’s quite a ton of nice jewelry obtainable and for fairly low-cost costs.

3) Hardcover or Expensive books:

Kathmandu’s book stores are plentiful, so if you’re itching for something to read, go visit one!

4) Revealing or Tight clothing:

In Nepal, people generally cover up much more than folks in the States, Europe, and Australia does. Leave your tank tops, shorts, and miniskirts at home.

5) A Towel:

A full-sized towel is bulky and unnecessary. Bring a travel towel instead!

6) A Sleeping bag:

Unless you have an ultra-light, compact bag, rent a sleeping bag for your trek in Thamel (Kathmandu’s tourist neighborhood). It will cost you about $1 per day, and that way you don’t have to lug a big sleeping bag all the way from home.

7) A Down parka:

Again, unless you have an ultra-compact jacket, you may as well rent one in Thamel. This will also cost you about $1 per day.

8) Leather:

Nepal is a predominantly Hindu country, and observant Hindus do not consume beef or wear leather products since the cow is a sacred animal. Wearing leather products on the street should be fine, but one should not wear leather products into temples.

9) Lots of cash:

Carrying around cash in Nepal is inevitable since one can rarely use cards. You’ll also often have to pay for your treks/other trips with cash, which means that you will most likely be exchanging/withdrawing large amounts of money. However, as with anywhere else, be prudent about how much you carry with you!