It was mountaineering that first opened up Nepal to the outside world. Of the world’s 14 highest peaks above 8,000 m, eight of them crown Nepal’s north, including the highest Mt. Everest.


In Nepal, the 800 km area is covered by Himalayan. There are many highest peaks in the world. Among them, the highest peak in the world is called Mount Everest which is located here in Nepal. Not only this but also there are more 8 peaks which rise above 8000m. From 1994, Nepal has opened its mountains to climbers, the Nepal Himalayan has developed into a great drama of mountaineering activity and the theatre of accomplishment and breakdown have given motivation to about 1000 of men and women to catch the ultimate objection. It has been an allure to many of the people. For instance saints, philosophers, researchers or adventures and soon.


If you want to have a wonderful experience in Nepal then there is the invincible sequence of natural beauty and practice abundance, walking through them is the favorite idea to get that experience. you can just hike along the humbled pathway or virgin tracks.  And it is for a life experience you will feel. There exist different species of birds and animals, mountains, heart-stopping landscapes, national flower rhododendron, isolated hamlets, small villages, temple monasteries and soon in the forest. You will also come upon to know that people of different cultures are very friendly in nature. They also offer a delightful impression of traditional rural life.


There are many zip flying activities that you can have in other countries as well but, the zip flying in Nepal is not the same as others. It is a different experience than you feel. The zip flying in Nepal is the world’s deepest, sharpest and quickest zip flying which is giving the wonderful experience in adventure to the visitors visiting Nepal. The flyer in Nepal is hanged on a cable 5000 feet high sea level and seated on an incline. From hill to the plains area, the flyers are zipped. The speed of it is 86.99 square/hours on a cable of 1.12 squares long. This is the most interesting part of Nepal ziplines. It is also risky adventure activities among others which are played in Nepal. Even though the trained helpers and administrators arrange this properly and will give you the top confidence to have the wonderful enjoying moments during the flying in the zipline.


One of the ultimate adventures in Nepal is skydiving. You can only skydive in the Everest. It is because in Nepal it is only the one place where skydiving is operated and begun its first in 2008. It has already managed over 300 numbers of people on jumps since then. Over the eye-catching Khumbu region, it takes place next to none another than the highest peak. After diving, they can recognize many peaks by the side of Mount Everest, and as well as the wonderful Sherpa area dabbing the landscape down. The October and November of every year is the main occasion for skydiving. There is a choice given to every skydiver to choose to land at the base camp of one of the most exemplary peaks in the Khumbu, Ama Dablam or in Syangboche Airport.


If you want to get a real adventure at sliding from the high peak at the real and natural places, then you can do bungee jump in Nepal.  When you do jumping, the surroundings available in the area will be fascinating to see. The real significance of the bungee jumping in Nepal has been increased due to the ever flow of River Bhote Koshi. You can have experience of this in other countries too but cannot achieve the experience doing in the natural surroundings. Thus, the visitors of Nepal will get a great opportunity to have fun with great adventurous activities.  It is located at the peak of 160m above the Bhote Koshi River, which promotes north of Kathmandu 80 km away. From Kathmandu, you need to ride for 3-4 hours. At last, your lifetime unforgettable experience from bungee jumping in Nepal will be fulfilled.


Rafting is one of the best ways to explore the typical cross-section of natural as well as an ethnocultural heritage of the country. There are numerous rivers in Nepal which offer excellent rafting or canoeing experience. You can glide on calm jade waters with munificent scenery all about or rush through roaring white rapids, in the care of expert river-men employed by government authorized agencies. One can opt for a day of river running or more. So far, the government has opened sections of 10 rivers for commercial rafting. The Trisuliriver is one of the most popular of Nepal’s raft able rivers. The Kali Gandaki winds through remote canyons and deep gorges for five days of intense rapids. The Bhote Koshi is 26km of continuous white water and the raging Marshyanghi is four days of uninterrupted white water. The Karnali river provides some of the most challenging rapids in the world. The Sun Koshi, 27km, requiring 8-10 days to complete, is a big and challenging river. Adventurers are provided with world-class services by rafting agents. Agencies here provide life jackets, camping and the standard rafting paraphernalia needed by world-class rafting.


The exhilarating waterfalls are one of the major hidden jewelry which is composed among the rooted canyon and are the excellent hidden retreat for addicted thrill-seekers. The Lonely Planet suggested to canyoning in Nepal and areas from prior walks to almost activities. The visitors can get fun from the simple rock and slide action at Jalbire Canyon which is situated at the famous park named Chitwan National Park. This is also for entry-level activity and can be enjoyed by all levels of age group. You will get the wonderful experience as same as a Natural Water theme park. You can also try to thrill of jumping off a 12 m above a cliff into the cool natural pool of water at Charaundi Canyon which is situated at the white sandy banks of the Trisuli River.


If you want to analyze the capital city Kathmandu, then the best way is on a mountain bike. There is diverse land in Nepal which makes the bikers motivated and makes their dream adventure comes true.  It offers the bikers a good surrounding way of analyzing this beautiful country. It is a landscape and living heritage. Every mountain bikers may have the wildest nightmare, it can be meet in Nepal because of its dirt roads and trails. Pokhara and Kathmandu city, as well as the countryside, are the centers of Nepal. If you wish to analyze it then we will recommend you do mountain biking. You can as well as do all length of Nepal crosswise the landscape. There is the facility of rent by the day or even more longer in many of the bikes rental outlets in Nepal and around the city area through which bikers can rent the bikes.


If you seeking to have a fantastic and accomplishing experience for adventure then, Paragliding in Nepal is one of the best ideas. you will take over some of the best wonderful places on earth as you experience airspace with Peaks cougar, cultures, birds, kites, and float over the different valleys, temples, lakes, monasteries, forests with a wonderful view of the Himalayas. There are various deals for paragliding veterans and novices. A three-day introduction course is offered to beginners while tandem flights where one can fly with an instructor are offered.