Nepal is a landlocked country which is located in the southern region of the Asian continent. The diverse landscape is here and amounts to portions of the Indo-Gangetic plain in addiction to peak ranges of the Himalayas, and highland forests overblown on hills. It is rich and distinguished in history which can be seen through monuments, museums, and so on to attract several things.

If you want to have a taste of its menu and personal style of art, architecture, and other crafts then, you must visit this curious wonderland. There are certain things that you should keep in mind when you are traveling to Nepal. The few things that you should not do in Nepal are there to make sure you live in peace with traditions and superstitions.

Things Not To Do In Nepal

There are few which you cannot do in Nepal. When you are traveling there and to make sure that you have a wonderful trip, you need to know about DON’T of Nepal. We suggest you from this blog to pay attention to each and everything you should not do in this country.

1. Do Not Mess With Them Yaks


In the mountainous zone, you will not find a huge group of people but yeah yak convoys, which is regarded as the main transport of Nepal. They are also known as real locals. Tibet is considered the homeland of yaks.

As yaks can carry loads of 400 kgs weight, they will not notice people nearby them as they have poor optic and earshot perception. You can be injured by their loads. Because of this reason, you must be careful with these animals to be near.

Your breath may be hampered because of dust and the excrements fall. It may be caused due to raising the dust on the trail by yak caravans and their urine falls there too. After a certain time, it dries up and gets mixed with dust and change into a hanging matter, which the adjacent travelers breathe.

Because of this, you may also cause indigestion. You should make a distance from the yak caravan because it helps to stop harming you. If there is a yak right caravan in front of you then, its good to stop them and let them pass.

 2. Let The Road Not Taken Be The Road You Don’t Take

In the capital city Kathmandu, you must not leave the tourist zone at night time. The tourist zone here is in Thamel and there you can find all the facilities like a cafe, restaurant, shop, travel agencies and so on. According to the research, about 90 percent stays here among the capital’s guests.

Many places make restricted for the tourists to enter even in the Kathmandu valley. You will continuously be advised not to go to such places. A certain black magic market occurs in the city so that they are not welcomed there. You must need to listen to the advice given by others because there will be consequences, and no one will pay for you.

Rather than having a charming trip, if you get in trouble, it would be shameful. You may be asked to leave certain places. And you need to do it.  There are some problems with the mafia or some practices that will keep away from the tourist like you.

3. Do Not Walk Into A Temple With Shoes On

temples in nepal

There are various temples established in Nepal. It can be categorized into two different types, One is a Hindu Temple and another is a Buddhist Temple. If you want to enter there then, you need to take off your shoes. You are restricted to enter the temple with your shoes. In Nepal, it shows disrespect to the idol. Plus touching a monk especially his/her head and touching other people’s offerings to God are restricted in this area. Here you must also point your finger at any statue or a church. This shows that you are very impolite. You can do it by extending your hand and by making it flat.

4. Never Use Your Left Hand To Eat

Eating Food

For some logic, there shows to be an animus with left fist, so learn not to ever use your left hand if you are providing or catching something from someone. we would advise you not to shake hands with anyone by using the left hand. In the world, there is the practice of shaking hands by right hands with their right arms. So, you may not feel any difficulties to follow this culture. This culture is even used to exchange money by the shopkeepers. So always eat using your right hand.

5. Don’t Leave Your Hotel Details Behind

Hotel Room

The capital city of Nepal is Kathmandu. This is a very populated city covered with a mass of the community. The streets of this city are very congested and it can be very difficult for foreign travelers to operate it. You may have booked the hotel to spend a night from your place. And, to make sure that you do not get misplaced, you need to have the address and the telephone number of the hotel.  You should avoid driving in a town where there is no network. In cities, the details about the hotel’s address can be provided to the car riders who can ride you safely at the hotel.

6. Do not drink fresh juice on streets and unboiled water

Tap Water

Boiled water is very important for good health. Unboiled water is also known as fresh juice from street shops. If you drink unboiled water then it makes sure as a death in Nepal.

It would make your stomach heartburn, which would cause make the importance of even more problematic. For instance, the disease like giardiasis may be caused ( For this, you can get more information on the internet).

You are being shocked maybe about the solution to this problem. Don’t worry! There is a solution to this. You can drink only boiled water and used special sanitary liquids. Like In Kathmandu Supermarket, hand gels which will not infect you. It is good to use before each meal.

It’s not suggested to drink from peak rivers and creeks in this country also: even if you know that cattle do not grass upstream, and the water is clean — it’s too chilly, and it is easy to get cold and sick. And it’s not what you expect from your vacation (especially with high altitude).

7. Don’t travel without the required medicine and vaccinations


This tip is one of the important tips among all. It is because if you are suffering from any diseases then, only medicine will help you to recover from the disease. You should ensure that medicines that you are using in daily life should be with you while traveling to different places. In Nepal, there you won’t find any substitute for your usual medicine even in the pharmacy of capital. And the pharmacist may not speak English well.

In the context of vaccinations, the country Nepal is worth regarding rubella, diphtheria, hepatitis A and B, and typhoid fever. It is recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).

8. Avoid Getting Into Taxis That Have No Meters


You are taken for a ride in a taxi as you are not aware of the rates of those taxis. That’s’ why a working meter is running or not in the taxi is very important to notice by every foreigner. They may lie to you by saying the meter is not working currently. Don’t fall in their words and ride a taxi by making immediate decisions. The taxi drivers are very well known about the charge in their own country. If you do this, you will be paying way more than the actual fares.

9. Steer Clear Of Beef In Nepal


Nepal is the Hindu majority country, where you can know that Cow is considered as the national animal. The Nepali people worship cows as they thought that it is the representative of Goddess Laxmi, goddess of wealth. You cannot have any beef here and even can’t sell it. You will not find this food in the Nepali restaurants or cafe on the menu and may be asked for it. You are not allowed to have it in this country.

10. Do Not Shout In Public

Girls Shouting

Nepal is considered a quiet country. The calmness of the Nepali people had attracted many travelers from over the country. These people preferred peace and harmonious over the hustle or bustle environment. Many visitors travel to this place because of the same reason. Hence, it is very important to handle your volume when talking in Nepal. It is because shouting at the public and to raise voice in public are considered as an ill-mannered habit in this country. To manage a certain peace in the neighborhood it’s important to maintain the calm that penetrates the area.

Indeed, Nepal is a wonderful country. It is rich in visual beauty which will make you in astonish and make sure that you would return over here for getting a lot of experience. So, whenever you travel in this country make sure that you won’t do those activities which are not allowed to do. This will result in a hassle-free, safe and joyful trip.  You can make a plan to travel over here for taking the best experience in your life.