Nepal is one of the countries of Asia which lies along the southern hill of the Himalayan Mountain Ranges. It is a landlocked country which is placed bounded by giant countries India to the east, south and China to the west, north. It’s enclave broaden approximately  500 miles which is 800 kilometers from east to west and 90-150 miles from north to south. Kathmandu is the capital of this country.


Blocked between two huge countries, China and India, Nepal follow to keep a harmonize between these two countries in its foreign policy and thus to survive autonomous. An element that subsidize everly to the geopolitical significance of the country is the evidence that a strong Nepal can ban on China connection to the rich Gangetic Plain. Nepal so point the southern boundary of the Chinese circle north to the Himalayas in Asia.


As a conclusion of its years of geographic and self-imposed segregation, Nepal is known as the least developed nations of the world. In this new years countless countries, along with India, China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Denmark, Germany, Canada, and Switzerland have given economic compensation to Nepal. The expansion of foreign aid to Nepal has been motivated to an appreciable degree by the critical position of the country between India and China.


Nepal accommodate some of the most craggy and crucial mountain area in the world. Approximately 75% of the country if fully covered by mountains. From the south to the north, Nepal can be branched into four main substantial belts, all of which continue east to west across the country. 


The populace of Nepal in 2019 is purportedly 29.7 million. Talking about ethnic groups, there are 101 speaking over 92 languages. The perception in ethnicity and caste is accepted better with a view of traditional blueprint of the population. Nepali is the official language of this country which is spoken by a huge majority of the population. The indigenous group have their own mother tongues. 


The country Nepal has its different customs and traditions according to its different parts. Religion is the outstanding factor in the Nepali’s everyday life. Enumerating color to the survival of Nepali’s are festivals year round which brings their pomp and joy. Different religions like Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Jainism, Sikhism, Bon, Ancestor worship and animism are practised here in Nepal. The majority of Nepalis are either Hindus or Buddhism.


Nepal is famous for being full of cultural heritage and attractive places to travel for tourists. It has reported a trustworthy arrivals in the first quarter  of 2019, 15.3 percent boost over the previous year. According to the latest reports, the country has collected a total 445,109 international tourists during the first four months of the year from January-April 2019.


So at last traveling to Nepal is coming to an experience that is only yours. From the remotest corners to the city landscape, Nepal stand for a sensory experience of colors, sounds, sights and tastes. Visit Nepal welcomes you to life’s marvelous moments.