Which can you faith and hope in Nepal? What do you think that is all here a scam? Maybe you will accept it or not! Nepal is one of the major trusting and safest countries in all over the world for tourists like you.

The above sentence says that this country Nepal is the most haggle country. You may need a lot of preparation! If you tell the shopkeeper that you are “lonesome” then he may give you a discount. He/she take it as an insider joke or coupon code.

However, there are well-known scams that have to be aware of. They are like pickpockets, scammers and so on. Many travel experts have advice to tourists on how to live safe at the time of traveling Nepal.

You will found that people in this country are very honest and friendly generally almost to all foreigners to the country. Even though, these days are becoming more dangerous days, as there are lots of crime-related scams which are focused at tourists. You may know about the following things of Nepal:

  1. Blackmails and corruption
  2. Familiar scams
  3. Robbery in Nepal
  4. Child protection

Blackmails and Corruption

Many checkpoints are established and running inside Kathmandu and throughout Kathmandu by the police departments. But sometimes, these kinds of activities are made very close to the border posts to elicit Dollar from visitors. These departments work on financial assistance to export goods or also developing ship routes. Not only this it also promises big returns that never appeared.

If you are traveling to a business contact overseas then, you should be aware of and reduce contributing to taking jewelry items with them. You may charge some heavy fines at the border area. If you bring any such items, then you should inform the local police and request them to carry it. This has resulted in many crimes go unresolved because the authorities are under-resourced.

You need to do research simultaneously either the charitable institution or voluntary association. It is very important to work to acknowledge the various fraud organizations that have taken money from real or good meaning volunteers.

Familiar Scams

In the context of scams, we are here to define different types of scams that may be seen in the surroundings. They are as follows:

  1. Credit Card Scams:-

If you do not want to face the credit card scams in your traveling time, then we would suggest that you always keep your credit card with yourself and don’t let it outside of your area when buying it. For instance, if one video on the internet got scammed then, travelers can get $5000 on their cards.

2. Taxi Scams:-

If you had arrived in Nepal then, the most important thing you may need is a Taxi. So when you are going to hire a taxi then, you should demand the taxi driver in order to use the Meter. You may found many drivers refusing activities but you should try and charge the unreasonable rates. You should make him agree before you hire it.

3.  Milk for Baby Scam:-

Another major scam in Nepal is Milk for Baby scams. This scam has occurred during the tourist traveling around the city and some children came certainly and access them to buy milk for their food in the middle of the streets. And when foreigners drive to the shop, the high sum of money is charged to them and the milk is again returned by the scammer to the shop by which both the child and shopkeepers will be in profits. If you want to reduce it then, you should open the bottle of milk for the child which makes profits to the children only.

4. Mad Honey Scam:-

This scam is considered as the new scams seen in the market area. In this scam, the hallucinogenic honey is being sold to the travelers as that is only a normal poy of honey.  If you want to try this in reality then we would suggest contacting a real-deal sample if the person is trustworthy otherwise, you are going to charge a high price for something that doesn’t actually give you the hallucination you are looking for. The material should be treated as a drug and taken it in a serious way.

5. Nightlife Scams

There are some dance bars in Nepal, particularly in Kathmandu, where tourists are charged large amounts for drinks and harassed. It is also advisable not to leave any drinks unattended because drink spiking, leading to robbery, does happen.

Robbery in Nepal

The main problem in Nepal is Theft. It is becoming a big issue because of a lack of education. As there have been incidents of trekkers being confronted by groups of men demanding money, as well as muggings and robbery in the cities. When in this country, travelers must be observant as to where their assets are and not have valuables on parade. It’s highly unlikely this will happen to you, and the risk is even lower if you are hiking in teams. Trekking in the peaks unattended isn’t a smart thing to do, so always go with a trustworthy guide.

October and November months are recognized as festival season. And it looks a corresponding expansion of crime in these months of Nepal.

Keep your belongings out of sight when you’re in large crowds, and try to only carry enough cash (hidden somewhere it can’t be stolen) that you need for the day.

Child protection

We all know that we should not leave the child to the person who is unknown and to them who they don’t know.  There have been occasional cases of molestation and a report of non-investigation by the authorities. Nepal still has some challenges with child labor, where small children can be seen on building sites and factories.

Nepal is a beautiful country, but also one of the poorest in the world. In general, visitors are made very welcome; however, it pays to exercise some cautions. The community is some more friendly or friendliest in the world, you must take care and not trust the first person you meet in the middle of the street.

Indeed, there are always two things that place everywhere. They might be positive or negative, our team is suggesting you to be aware of anything that can happen to you in your future while you are planning to travel somewhere. It is because there is thought that “Prevention is better than cure.”