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Frequently Asked Questions

We will suggest and encourage you to be generous about the tipping they have done for you.

There are few branded shops like mountain hardware and north face where you can buy trekking gear while there are many rental shops they sell and rent used gear at a reasonable price. We, however, suggest you bring your footwear- trekking boots, well broken-in.

Yes! They would be very helpful to you.

Yes, you can recharge them while staying at the lodges along the way at minimum cost. It is however advised to carry extra batteries and power banks. While trekking into off the beaten areas with camping tented accommodation, you can’t recharge batteries. You may need to carry a portable solar panel for recharging.

Yes, most of the trekking regions are covered by cell phones. It is better to use local SIMs which are very reasonable and easily to get at cheap price. You will need one passport size picture and a passport copy to get them. Roaming would be very costly to use.

The international, Cathay pacific, Turkis air, China Southern Airlines, Korean Air, Malaysian Airlines, Qatar Airways, Etihad Air, Emirates Air, Jet Airways are main International carriers they fly to Kathmandu. Earlier the better to book them.

Domestic airlines flying to STOL(short takeoff and landing) airports like Lukla, Jomsom, Jumla, Dunai allow you to take only 15 kgs weight including your handbags.

Trained guide, Comprehensive first aid kit is being prepared for the trek.

Guide discusses clients’ health issues with all accompanying trekkers and staff and highlights the desire of particular assistance. Then the guide calls the office to informs the situation immediately. Office advises the best action to take and if needed, the client has to get approval from the insurance company to use a helicopter, once approval is done, we try out best to send helicopter as soon as possible for rescue but need to cover this either by insurance or patient by him/herself.

Yes, Travel Insurance is a must on all programs for air/surface evacuation, medical, lost baggage (especially cameras). 

Yes, you can use your Credit or debit cards, mainly Master and Visa cards to make your payments. The Bank will charge you more additional 3.5% as bank surcharge fees on your bill.

There are no hidden costs involved. All the itineraries have a list of include and exclude.

Your booking can be done by filling up the online form. We will then correspondence via phone, email, Skype and Whatsapp and other social media.

The better your physical condition in your health, the more you will enjoy the trek. You will not have to face an ultra-careful training programs, just do as much trekking as you can up and down hills, up (and down) stairs in your office. Take your weekend hikes in the hills and mountains. 8Walk to work. Jogging and cycling are useful training for a trek. Whenever possible, make your hikes in the same shoes that you will use for the trek. You carry a day pack, camera, water bottle, shell and whatever you may think, you may need during the day. What is most important nevertheless is to be positive and is to have a positive mental attitude.

Yes, with their wages, their insurance, and much equipment.

Please, you should carry a water bottle on your own and fill them up with the simmering water from the local lodges and should use the purifying tablets to make sure that you have an all right drinking water to be healthy.

It will be freshly cooked for your good health.

It will be basic food, but neat and clean.

Yes, in some places, water is heated by solar energy, and there will be charged only a minimum.

Our guides of our agency are well educated, certified guides, having many years’ experience in giving customized facilities, speak very good English. They are trained in First Aid procedures and carry a comprehensive First Aid kit as well.



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